ProbateFlorida Property For Sale

We have made it a specific focus of our business as REALTOR®’s to work with families in these tough situations. We realize from our own experiences that the challenges you are dealing with as the Personal Representative are different than a normal home sale. Below are some of the services our team can provide for you:
  • List and sell the property on the open market: First of all, I am an excellent, highly experienced Real Estate Broker and we can create a strategy to get the property sold in the shortest time for the highest price using our proven system.
  • Provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis: Using comparable sold properties in the neighborhood, we provide a detailed analysis of how your property compares in value.
  • Our Proven System includes: Professional Photography, Aerial Photography, and staging, as needed.
  • Handle any personal property in need of removal: The family can remove whatever they wish to keep and our Estate Sale Partners and/or cleaning crews will handle everything else and the Estate gets the net proceeds.
  • We can also arrange for almost anything else that might be required: This might include specialized cleaning services, coordinating repairs with licensed contractors, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, sending you (and any other heirs you designate) a WEEKLY STATUS REPORT on all aspects of the process. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for all concerned.