Important Tips When MovingFlorida Property For Sale

Here are some key things to get taken care of now that you are settling into your new place in Brevard County.

  1. Register a Vehicle – In the state of Florida, a motor vehicle is required by law to be registered within ten days of the owner either becoming employed, placing children in public school, or establishing residency. Registering your motor vehicle goes hand in hand with the titling process. Click here for more details. . . or visit
  2. Florida Driver’s License Click here for general information and make sure to check out to see a list of documents to bring with you.
  3. Register to vote! Visit to begin the process online.
  4. Need to file for Homestead Exception? To receive the benefit of the homestead tax exemption a taxpayer must qualify on or before January 1st and must make an application with the Property Appraiser on or before March 1st of the year in which the benefit is first requested. It is important to remember that the homestead exemption benefit does not automatically transfer to a new residence. In accordance with State law, a new application is required if you move or if you change the manner in which title is held on your existing homestead. Visit for more information.
  5. Library Cards for Brevard County Residents
    A resident card is valid for a three-year period and may be renewed for subsequent three-year periods provided that the resident´s account is in good standing. Visit for more information.
  6. Your Pets- Brevard County ordinances require all owned dogs, cats and ferrets to be licensed and for the license to be attached to the animal.A license is your pet’s ticket home should it become lost. When a lost animal is found with current identification, our Animal Control Officers can quickly return it or notify its owners that it is safe at the shelter. Pet owners may be fined for violation of this law. You can do this online at
  7. Change of Address – If you have done so, make sure to change of address through the USPS. Do it online at