Hurricane PreparednessFlorida Property For Sale


1. Take down flag
2. Install anchors on storage shed
3. Shut down all sprinkler pumps, timers, and pool pumps
4. Take/put all patio furniture into clubhouse or pool
5. Secure all material outside of Shed-if cannot be done put into shed and put golf cart inside clubhouse
6. Tie all recycle barrels together, lay them down and tie to fences 7. Shut of electric at clubhouse
8. Help a. Owners put up shutters, if needed
b. Boat owners secure their boats, if needed

1. If evacuation is mandated for area please GO!
2. Owners must remover EVERYTHING on the outside of your unit & from patios and balconies and secure them inside your home
3. Please have key at the office and with a local area person if you are not here
4. Owners: a. Know route to safety
b. Have complete inventory of your property c. Know what your insurance covers keep numbers with you
5. When a WATCH is issued:
a. Have enough cash on hand
b. Monitor storm reports
c. Check supplies-have transistor radio with fresh batteries
d. Flashlights, candles or lanterns, matches (in waterproof container)
e. Full tank of gas, should never be below ½ tank during season
f. Canned goods and non-perishable foods on hand
g. Containers for drinking water
h. Materials for protecting glass openings if no shutters
i. Materials for emergency repairs
j. Medicines on hand
6. When a WARNING is issued:
a. Listen constantly to radio or TV
c. Protect windows and other glass
d. Boat owners secure boats
e. Put valuables and papers in waterproof containers keep with you f. Prepare for storm surge, tornadoes, and floods
7. Recovery:
a. Insurance, call
b. Take steps to protect property
c. Be patient
d. It takes team effort