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White sandy beaches, perfect year-round temperatures, and a thriving economy make Brevard County an outstanding place to live. The diverse school system, popular cultural events, pristine nature areas, and abundant recreational facilities make Brevard the fastest growing county in Florida. Mainland and beachside communities offer a surreal tropical lifestyle setting.

A sub-tropical environment enhances all the communities in Brevard. High-tech business communities with companies such as Harris, Boeing, NASA and Lockheed Martin Astronautics provide ample employment opportunities for professionals in their respected field. Melbourne, Titusville and Viera are interwoven with lushly landscaped neighborhoods, golf courses and shopping centers.

With an average temperature of 90 degrees, sea breezes keep temperatures as low as 72 degrees on the beach. The sun shines over 300 days a year, with a monthly average rainfall of four inches. Afternoon rain showers create a soothing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Shopping centers and recreational areas are easily available to both the mainland and the beach communities. The area’s history is preserved by Southern-style homes. Cobblestone sidewalks, quaint shops and unique restaurants provide a cultural snapshot to the past.

High-tech and aerospace jobs provide ample salaries in Brevard: the average household income is just over $49,000**. Aerospace and government support companies such as Northrop –Grumman, DRS, Technologies and Symetrics employ thousands of workers in Brevard. Kennedy Space Center is the world’s most well-known space complex and a major tourist attraction. United Space Alliance and Space Gateway Support represent some of the large aerospace companies in North Brevard. With all of the high-tech industry and government operations here, Brevard is the perfect location for both large established and new small businesses.

The education level in Brevard is among the highest in the state, due to the large proportion of engineers, scientists and computer programmers. High expectations of the residents in Brevard demand that their children get an excellent education. Brevard County’s high schools have achieved numerous National Merit Scholarships. SAT scores in Brevard have exceeded the national average consistently over the years.

Brevard is a prime location for sport and recreation activities. With its nearly perfect climate, abundance of waterways, 72 miles of beaches and over 179 parks, there is so much to do and see, making every day a new adventure. The Space Coast has it all with sports complexes, golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and parimutuels, just to name a few.

Cultural events in Brevard, including symphony orchestras, jazz groups, and art exhibits provide a diverse range of artistic experiences. The Brevard Cultural Alliance, a non-profit agency, keeps Brevard County up-to-date on the many cultural events and activities for the communities.

Rigidly controlled development in Brevard is critical in preserving the environment and history of the area. Endangered lands, animals and historical buildings have been protected and preserved for the community to have for future residents of Brevard. But preservation does not precluded growth. Taxpayers voted for the abatement of taxes paid by new qualifying and expanding companies as an economic development incentive. This balance of planned growth and preservation helps to make Brevard County an exceptional place to live.

**Source: Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

Source: Space Coast Relocation Guide 2016