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Picking the right Contractor is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Follow these three rules for finding the right contractor for your remodel and it will simplify your search

1. Be Smart – Know exactly what kind of work you want to have done prior to your initial meeting and you’ll better understand their lingo and your estimate won’t be stuffed with things you don’t need done. This is also called the scope of work but it pays dividends.

2, Check your Contractor Out – Do your due diligence and check out their references and previous projects. Ask their references about their follow up and communication skills. Most good contractors live off referrals and word of mouth advertising. So if the contractor you’re talking to won’t supply any references, that should be a red flag. Look up their license number at the appropriate state agency and look for complaints and most importantly make sure they are licensed and insured. 

3. Choosing the Bid – Most folks have a tendency to go with the cheapest option, which can turn out to be the most expensive if you allow the contractor to tank the bid to get your business. Ask questions regarding the scope of work to make sure its all there so you can look at all the bids fairly. If there’s a big disparity in the price range of the bids, do your best to choose the contractor you’ve checked out and feel comfortable with. Have them present a timeline and make sure they stick with it within reason. Never give more than 50% up front and always, always get everything in writing.  Your contractor is a professional not a mind reader, if there’s something you want to change or add let them know in advance so they can plan accordingly. They take allot of pride in their work, it is their business card for future projects down the road.